Breaking the Cycle of Debt — Toward a Sustainable Financial System

We are living through an unprecedented period of human history. Our population has exploded. We are now nearing or surpassing planetary limits that call into question the future of the global economy. And one problematic idea sits in the middle of it all. That idea is that MONEY = DEBT and its close relative of CUMULATIVE INTEREST. In order to break the 10,000 year cycle of empire and perpetual growth, we have to employ a different model for economic activity. Luckily, we have one — the ecosystem.

The elements of new economics?

An interview with Pat Conaty (main pic), one of the authors of the Resilience Imperative, by Naresh Giangrande of the Transition Network. This book examines the many elements from which resilient local economies can be built. Pat Conaty and Mike Lewis have done the leg work of collating and critiquing the many examples of how this has been achieved all over the world over the last 150 years. It is both strong on theory and an excellent reference book on the practical pieces of a resilient local economy. Here’s what Pat had to say about it…