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Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution

July 19, 2022

This 50-minute film gives voice to dozens of people building a more beautiful world. From restoring topsoil, to sharing traditional knowledge, to opposing free trade treaties and innovating new ways of supporting local businesses, their actions are forging a new path forward for humanity.

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‘Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution’ features grassroots activists from every continent alongside internationally known figures like Russell Brand, Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, Naomi Klein, Jane Goodall, Gabor Maté and Helena Norberg-Hodge – all of them bringing inspiration and clarity to a world full of dark news.

Away from the screens of the mainstream media, the crude ‘bigger is better’ narrative that has dominated economic thinking for centuries is being challenged. Countless initiatives are already underway to protect and restore human-scale local economies, communities and the natural world, demonstrating that human beings need not be the problem – we can be the solution.

The film is free to download from Vimeo.

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Teaser photo credit: Screen shot from film.

Tags: building resilient societies, relocalization