Each year around April 20, I marshal the courage to proclaim my love and concern for animals and nature in lieu of conventional discourse about economic systems. A strange habit. This year’s contribution was an art project of sorts. With help from one of my former students, I give a quick overview of 80 concepts relevant to human (and animal) futures each under the umbrella of a Tarot Card. Despite all else going on, I hope you can watch and share this year’s Earth Day synthesis.

Thanks especially to Kristin Anton for her artwork and the following for their valuable input: Leslie Batt-Lutz, Elizabeth Sirianni, Jake Gold Productions, Joan Diamond, DJ White, Tristan Harris, Rex Weyler, Kyle Saunders, Zak Stein, Tad Patzek, Chuck Watson, Jamie Wheal.

For more information go to www.thegreatsimplification.com and energyandourfuture.org