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Our Politicians in Washington Are Behaving Like Kindergarteners on A Playground!!

March 22, 2022

They are manifesting the consciousness of very primitive, unevolved early childhood egos. An immature primitive ego thinking process and consciousness that includes:

“Don’t tell me what to do! (entitlement)

I’m right! You’re wrong!! (need to be right)

What’s in it for “me“? (greed) (inability to manifest “we” thinking)

This is our sandbox! Go away! (rejection of “other”)

We don’t like you….go away! (you “make” me feel)

You can’t have that! It’s mine! Give it back to me! (I’m the boss, not you!)

I want it now!! (

your fault, not mine!! (Blaming others)

I’m mad at you! You’re not nice. ( If you disagree with me)

You make me angry! (My feelings are your fault!)

I’m going home and tell on you! (Using powerful authority figures)

He hit me on purpose! (I’m innocent!)

It’s her fault! (She made me do it!! I’m innocent!)

You get the idea. Listen to any news broadcast, and you will hear this kind of immature, unevolved, narcissistic primitive early childhood thinking coming from the mouths of our politicians and leaders in Washington and Congress. Unfortunately, this unevolved early childhood thinking and conditioning is not “a” problem; it’s “the” problem threatening the survival of our democracy, human civilization, and the survival of humanity! And it’s not just politicians and leaders in Congress. You will hear it coming from people around you…..and most importantly, if you listen carefully and are willing to be self-aware and honest, you will hear it coming from you! You may not say some of those things out loud, but the probability is high that you likely often think them.

It’s time humanity intentionally matured its thinking. It’s threatening the future of human civilization. For example, we have been embracing the myth for centuries that unlimited growth is somehow possible on a limited planet. Talk about insanity! And unfortunately, this kind of immature, unevolved primitive thinking is deeply embedded in the politicians and leaders that are in charge of our collective future. To state it bluntly, unlimited growth is a perfect definition of how to destroy our planet and our ability to survive as a species.

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As I discussed in depth in my book “Waiting Is Not An Option”, humanity’s unevolved, immature primitive ego is not simply “a” problem. It is “the” basic, fundamental problem that has created the existential threats and challenges that are now threatening our future. And the collective, unevolved, primitive, early childhood conditioning and thinking that created the existential threats and challenges that are coming cannot prepare us to survive the changes and threats we’ve created. 

We need to intentionally create a more mature and evolved collective human consciousness. And we are rapidly running out of time to do that essential work. The changes and existential threats I discuss in the book are not coming sometime in the future; they are already here! So we need to be prepared for them as they continue to intensify and increasingly threaten the future of human civilization.

The primary focus of future blog articles will a) focus on how to prepare for the changes and threats that are coming, b) how to intentionally evolve our primitive early childhood conditioning and thinking, and most importantly, c) increase our self-reliance as we prepare to survive the existential threats that face us.

You will not hear about these threats from our leaders and politicians because these threats are not reversible. They know if they talk about the severity of these coming existential threats, they would be removed from office by voters who do not want to hear about the future barreling toward us.

The future that’s coming is not the future we imagined. But with intentional preparation and the ability to create more compassionate, “we” focused sustainable, self-reliant local communities, surviving that future is possible. We will look at the skills and knowledge required to survive in this blog. Several decades of self-reliant living off the land in the 1970s taught me the importance of learning those survival skills and acquiring that self-reliant knowledge.

And a final note, the future that’s coming will require community. Going it alone as a “rugged individualist” will not be a viable option given the severity of the coming changes. And that includes future blogs! This blog will not focus on negative “end times”; it will focus on hope and preparation for the upcoming changes and creating a future for a “collective” humanity focused on well-being and selfreliance. I will always encourage questions, discussion, and feedback as we work together to develop the skills required to create the resilience, self-reliance, and well-being of future “we” focused communities.


Teaser photo credit: Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash 

Dick Rauscher

Dick Rauscher, author of “Waiting Is Not An Option”: The Transition From Unlimited Growth to Long-Term Survival has focused his professional career as a licensed mental health therapist on the development of Primitive Ego Psychology and the transition from humanity’s current narcissistic self-focus on "me" to that of a more enlightened post growth "we" based focus on well-being. "Waiting is Not an Option" explores a) the existential threats that humanity's unevolved primitive ego thinking, and its immature early childhood conditioning have created on the future of human civilization, and b) the importance of creating self-reliant local communities and local economies as post-growth preparation for the existential changes, threats, and challenges that are coming. “Waiting Is Not An Option” is available at ( and other book outlets. Dick's blog articles based on "Waiting Is Not an Option" are posted on his website at "Waiting is Not an Option" reflects the wisdom that……. It isn't the things you know for certain that will cause you harm. It's what you know for certain that just ain't so. (Mark Twain)

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