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Putin and the Power of Collective Action from Shared Awareness — Part 2: The Social Grammar of Creation

March 16, 2022

Ed. note: You can find Part 1 of Otto’s post on here.

A 10-Point Meditation on Our Current Moment

Image by Kelvy Bird

Figure 1: Presencing and Absencing: Two Social Grammars, Two Social Fields (Source: Scharmer 2018)

5. The Most Important and Least Well Told Story of Our Time

6. Five Stories of Recent Progress

Figure 2: Worldwide battle deaths per 100,000 people (Source)

7. The Social Grammar of Creation

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Figure 3: Two Relational Structures: Architectures of Separation, and Architectures of Connection

8. Form Follows Consciousness

Part III: Activating Our Agency

9. Birthing a New Civilization

Figure 4: Facing the Abyss Created by the Age of Disruption: The Path Across Is Within (drawing by Kelvy Bird, Source: Scharmer 2018)

Figure 5: Four Stages of Systems Evolution, Four Operating Systems (adapted from Scharmer 2018)

Pictures: President Gabriel Boric being blessed by the indigenous traditions on his day of inauguration, proposing diversity, inclusion and harmony with Nature for his government

10. What We Can Do Now: Build New Learning Infrastructures

Thanks to my colleagues Kelvy Bird for the visual at the opening of this reflection and to Becky Buell, Antoinette Klatzky, Eva Pomeroy, Maria Daniel Bras, Priya Mahtani, and Rachel Hentsch for their helpful comments and edits on the draft.

Otto Scharmer

Senior Lecturer, MIT. Co-founder, Presencing Institute.

Tags: building resilient communities, Future Scenarios, generative social fields, social grammars