This presentation is about making renewable energy in your backyard from food scraps. Dr Alexander provides an introduction to domestic-scale biogas production and provides an independent, four-year review of the Home Biogas system.

This is Part I of the Ecological Civilisation series, written and presented by Samuel Alexander, co-director of the Simplicity Institute.

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This series will be grappling with the problems of consumerism and the growth economy; envisioning alternative, post-carbon ways of life; and considering what action can be taken, both personally and politically, to help build an ecological civilisation. New presentations will be added to this playlist over time:…

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UPDATE from Dr Alexander: “In the presentation I said that I knew of no national or international standards that regulated household biogas systems. I’ve just discovered that recently international standards have been created: – This is great news as it shows this technology is gaining acceptance and recognition.”

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Teaser photo credit: Biogas production in rural Germany. By Cec-clp – Own work, CC0,