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Arise for the ancient forests/Save Fairy Creek

April 28, 2021

We are a grassroots movement of mothers, creators, and collaborators.

We hear our Ancient Mothers cry. Her pain is in our bones. Her waters are our blood. Her air gives us our breath, and we give back to Her.

We stand in solidarity, echoing Indigenous Sovereignty and Land Rights, to protect the sacred ancient landscapes that give us Life.

May our resonant network ripple worldwide.

For the future generations.

This movement is to weave us in allyship to bring further action for greater change in the ecological and social justice systems. All walks of life welcome.

The center of our work holds Mothers as cocreators.

We aim to create, empower and uplift through: media, sacred counsel space, civil disobedience, movement, meditation, ritual, dance, art, song and devotion.

The momentum of people speaking the TRUTH and speaking up for the rights of the voiceless is SO inspiring!

Join us mothers, women, creators, collaborators, and allies!

Our goal is to be in the right relationship with the First Nations people, the original stewards of the land we now call Canada.

We echo the Indigenous Sovereignty movement and acknowledge that we are on stolen land and that the colonial system in power is corrupt. We seek allyship with Indigenous bands, and to uplift their voices and prayers.

Join us to be a co-creator in this mission to protect what is sacred. The land, especially the Ancient Forests. The life-giving waters. The air we breathe. The fires in our hearts and souls – alive.

Our seeding project is in the protection of the Ancient Forests of Pacheedaht Nation, Fairy Creek.

The Ancient Forest of Ada’istix, Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island is the Indigenous land of the Pacheedaht First Nations.

We echo
Not just this AREA –

but ALL Old Growth in BC.

This is a NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCE that is PIVOTAL to the survival of the human species. There is far more than logging happening, it is genocide with clear cuts that affect our plant life, mammals, watersheds, oceans, marine life, and insects.



We do need as many voices as possible to come together to make change.

These forests belong to the First Nations people, they welcome us as settlers to this land, with a recognition that it is a spiritual place. It does not belong to the logging corporations for temporary profit. They are destroying the sacred and stealing our future.

The logging industry has logged 97% of the Ancient Forests. Second-cut forests do not create the biodiversity needed to keep life vital in these regions.

Premier John Horgan has betrayed the people of British Columbia with false promises and lies. He has approved more logging in the last 3 years of the Old Growth than any premier.

Trees are the lungs of the Earth.
We breathe in what they breathe out,
they breathe in what we breathe out.

These ecosystems with the great elders are our best allies in restoring carbon to our planet.

We must come together now to take action in solidarity, peaceful civil disobedience to defend and protect these forests, for future generations to come.

Ed. note: To find out more about the campaign to save Fairy Creek and other old-growth forests in British Columbia, please visit the website.

Teaser photo credit: An old growth big leaf maple growing by Sutton Creek, near Lake Cowichan, BC By Photo by TJ Watt – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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