The COVID-19 contagion shows once again the disdain President Trump and his administration have for science-based policies and actions. Over these past months Trump has suggested that the coronavirus would just go away with the heat of the summer, touted his natural genius for the practice of medicine, and implied that a Clorox cocktail might make the sick well again.

His statements about the contagion closely parallel those he’s made about the scientific basis of climate change–its origins and solutions. Just recently the President has signed a new executive order using the pandemic as an excuse to waive the requirements of the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA)  as they apply to energy infrastructure projects like oil and gas pipelines. The Order is based on what legal experts believe is an intentional misreading of the emergency provisions of various environmental laws like the Endangered Species and Clean Water Acts.

The podcast addresses how climate will be treated by both Trump and former Vice President Biden in the run-up to the November elections–including how the President has compromised the nation’s leadership in the world on energy and climate matters.

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