Lucky number 13 marks the final episode of Crazy Town’s first—and possibly last—season. If you’ve been listening, then you probably noticed that Jason, Rob, and I had some fun creating this podcast. Hopefully you had some fun, too, listening, and even learned some things along the way.

Working with our fantastic team here at Post Carbon Institute, we’ve certainly learned a lot and have some great ideas for future topics and guests, but we’re not sure whether we’ll return for a second season – that might just depend on you!The best way to build our audience is by word of mouth. If you want to see us continue the show, please share the podcast right now with 5 other people who might like it. Go ahead, I’ll be right here until you get back.

You can spread the word by forwarding a link to our website via email or social media, or by hitting the “Share” button in your podcast app. If we continue to see growing listenership, then we’ll roll up our sleeves for season 2. And now to Lucky 13…

Episode 13, Band-Aid Town, returns to the premise of the show: the absolute batsh*t-crazy (lack of) response to the enormous, urgent challenges of the climate emergency, the energy transition, an economic system that’s destroying the prospects of a viable planet, and the growing racial and wealth divide. In case you’ve missed previous episodes (and you have a supernatural ability to suffer the jokes of three guys who think they’re funnier than they really are), here’s the whole first season: