How ocean pollution affects humans [Infographic]

March 28, 2016

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What can I do to help?

What you do on land can change the fate of what goes on off shore – and small changes in habits can have a large impact on improving our oceans.

1. Keep your sewer drains clear

Prevent rubbish and chemicals from flowing into the sea. Keeping your property’s drains clear is your responsibility.

2. Dispose of products properly

Household cleaning products, batteries, paint and pesticides can threaten water quality.

3. Reuse and recycle

And opt for no packaging when possible. Carry a reusable water bottle, carry a cotton tote bag and recycle when possible.

4. Plant an organic garden

Pesticides from gardens and lawns can wash into the ocean.

5. Eat sustainably

Overfishing, loss of habitat and market demand has decreased fish populations. When shopping or dining out, choose seafood that is sustainably sourced.

6. Respect the beach

Take your rubbish with you after a day at the beach, and don’t remove rocks and coral.

7. Explore responsibly

Next time you’re off on a dive, cruise or kayak – be mindful of the marine life around you. Find some eco-friendly tours and packages that will respect the marine environment.

From sustenance, natural beauty to economics – the ocean provides plenty for the human race. Respect the ocean by keeping it clean for generations to come.

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What’s worth saving if not our ocean?

If nothing else, this gives us some perspective regarding our role on Earth. We are treating our oceans like our own private junkyard dumping thousands and thousands of tonnes waist straight in – and what will the result be? More dead ocean areas, no more marine life or what? What do you think will become of our oceans and what can we do to stop this?

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