Giuliana Viglione

Dr Giuliana Viglione is our food systems journalist. Giuliana has a PhD in environmental science, specialising in oceanography, from the California Institute of Technology. She previously worked at Nature and Chemical & Engineering News and freelanced for several scientific publications.

regenerative agriculture

Climate justice: The challenge of achieving a ‘just transition’ in agriculture

Although often overlooked in discussions around climate policy, agriculture is beginning to earn recognition as both a driver of climate change and a key part of the solution.

October 7, 2021


Q&A: Will England’s National Food Strategy help tackle climate change?

Last week, part two of England’s National Food Strategy (NFS) was published, providing a broad overview of the state of the “food system” – an all-encompassing term that covers the production, processing, transport and consumption of food – in England.

August 9, 2021