Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – 11:00am – 12:15pm

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Short Video – Journey to a Just Transition

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It has become clear we face two distinct possible futures:  Economic Transition or Ecological Collapse. If we stay the current course of a globalized industrial model, collapse is inevitable.  Yet many current Transition efforts, tacitly accept or overtly promote the further marginalization of working class communities and communities of color.  The fact is:  Transition is inevitable, but Justice is not.  Current climate change policy efforts are one example: high-density urban “smart growth” is fueling gentrification in many cities. 

Short Video (at Right): Journey to a Just Transition

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The dominant economy asserts that young black men are completely expendable, mountaintops & peoples in Appalachia are completely expendable, indigenous knowledge that cultivates our global food & medicine cabinet is completely expendable  We must build a Transition movement that directly confronts these realities.  We must create an intentional pathway – a Just Transition – towards local, living, loving, linked economies, rooted in racial, class & gender justice.

Join Mateo Nube from Movement Generation, as he lays out a Just Transition Framework for Action….

Speaker Bio:

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Mateo is one of the co-founders of the Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project.  He was born and grew up in La Paz, Bolivia.  Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, he has worked in the labor, environmental justice and international solidarity movements.  Mateo has spent the last two decade integrating concepts of popular education into his movement work.  He is also a member of the Latin rock band Los Nadies.