A documentary about simple living, permaculture, and local economy as a response to global crises.

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The dominant mode of global development today seeks to universalise high-consumption consumer lifestyles, but this has produced perverse inequalities of wealth and – to an extent that is no longer possible to ignore – is environmentally catastrophic. We are called on to take shorter showers, recycle, buy ‘green’ products, and turn the lights off when we leave the room, but these measures are grossly inadequate. We need more fundamental change – personally, culturally, and structurally.

The purpose of the documentary is to envision a way of life that positively responds to the overlapping global crises of climate change, peak oil, economic collapse, and consumerism. Genuine progress today means building a new, more resilient world based on permaculture, simple living, renewable energy, and localised economies. Most of all, we need to reimagine the good life beyond consumer culture and begin building a world that supports a simpler way of life. This does not mean hardship or deprivation. It means focusing on having enough, for everyone, forever.

The tiny house we built at Wurruk’an:

 "A Simpler Way" is being written and produced by Jordan Osmond, founder of Happen Films, and Dr Samuel Alexander, co-director of the Simplicity Institute. We are super passionate about this project and believe that the message is urgent. By supporting our documentary you are investing in a revolution of consciousness that will help produce what Charles Eisenstein calls "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible".

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We hope to raise $10,000 toward the production of this documentary, which, in line with our ethics about simple living, will be spent efficiently and thoughtfully. Funds raised will contribute to:

  • Jordan’s basic living costs whilst living simply at Wurruk’an
  • Buying necessary camera gear and hard drives
  • Buying music for the film
  • Travel costs
  • Promotion of the film once it’s completed

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Find out more about the campaign on the indiegogo site here.