Sea to Seed 2015 – A Sailboat Tour of Farming, Music, and Resilient Culture

May 27, 2015

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Over Grow The System

A powerful endeavor indeed. For each of us. Together.

And it appears that the islands of the Coast Salish Sea, recognizing that there is an overarching structure that has not fed and supported us, is embracing this concept to truly “over grow the system.” A system that is undeniably shaped by narratives dictated by corporate media and other structures that dominate. A system that is inherently opposite to most of our core beliefs, beliefs that rejoice in our personal and collective power, and our embeddedness within a sacred web of life. Islanders gratefully say, “We are celebrating a new system, rooted in care for earth, care for each other, and care for ourselves by making collective decisions that celebrate our community assets—home grown food, the arts, and the well-being of our community as a whole.”

Many of us are realizing that we are empowered to over grow these systems. It is in this expression, that Coast Salish Sea islanders are inspiring examples for others who are seeking to be a part of creating culture that is infused with joy—because joy, is of service to all life.

And the folks of the Sea To Seed Tour, are on a mission to experimentally collaborate between artists, media makers and farmers to explore the potential for art and culture to support those on the land who are working to localize food systems, cultivate artistic expression, earth based sustainability, and build community at the same time. Hannah Epperson, part of the musicianship of this tour explains, “The conceptualization of the tour alone, is such an innovative, life affirming cross- pollination of ideas, passions, modes of expression and participation. It is the stuff my dreams are made of, because it brings together so many threads in my life that I haven’t until now known were possible to interweave.”

The Sea To Seed Tour is a collective of artistic folk who are touring by sailboat through the islands of the Coast Salish Sea, collecting, documenting, and sharing the stories of our island farming communities with the world. “I hope to be a part of the web of local communities creating sustainable futures across the region, and further across the world,” says musician Rick Buckman Coe. Documentarist Sydney Woodward explains, “Documenting everyday people, together in community, who are making consistent healthy changes in their lives is bound to inspire those who feel this calling to make different decisions rooted in healthy choices for themselves together with their community.”

The theme? Resilience. And these islands are growing the path indeed! Creating whole system approaches that can respond and adapt in intelligent ways to circumstances as they arise, while contributing in positive ways to the web within which we are all embedded.

While documenting their experiences, the Sea To Seed team sets out to share with the world through video, photography and the written word, the growth in resilience we, on our islands, are creating. Importantly, as Buckman Coe shares, “Over Grow The System is a part of a emerging movement of media that represents alternatives to the mainstream. The content is vitally important as we all yearn and seek for alternatives to our global destructive habits. The work of maintaining traditions and creating innovations that are in closer harmony with the earth and community building is essential for our true progress and happiness.” Woodward goes on to say, “And what we are capturing in our documentation truly exemplifies this.”

Epperson shares, “The only way I can rationalize the mysterious need to compose and perform music is through the stories, the people and the systems that I observe and participate in. I cannot imagine a more inspiring set of elements to translate into music, and share as far as the winds can carry it.”

The Seed To Seed Tour is kicking off this year’s tour with Permaculture action days in service to the local farming communities and events celebrating the growing of food and the fruits of this divine labor—showcasing a collective of farmers who are contributing and preparing the food to create a local feast.

The evenings will continue with music, spoken word, and art, with time to dance, reflect and rejoice in the beauty of live music from Buckman Coe, The Tailor, Hannah Epperson, Up Folk, Kristi McCracken, spoken word artist Eve Ladyapples, and a highly creative children’s zone with artist and first mate, Brad Woodbrad, The Wood Whisperer.

Beauty for all…

June 11th: Salt Spring Permaculture action day
June 12th: Salt Spring Duck Creek Farm Feast & Show
June 13th: Gabriola- potluck & show
June 14th: Gabriola-Permaculture action day
June 18-19th: Denman–feast/show at Ruby Slipper Ranch
June 20th: Courtney–local potluck
June 21st Denman Permaculture action day
June 24th: Lund Permculture Action Day
June 25th: Lund–local potluck spectacle
June 27th: Vancouver- local potluck & show
July 2nd to 4th -Luminosity Gathering

Photo by Zipporah Lomax

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