Getting Things Done Together: Self-Organisation Beyond Hierarchy

February 16, 2015

This episode describes six areas of organisational life which need to be attended to for it to be healthy and successful, which are also the titles of the 6 episodes in this series: Creating Culture; Finding Fit; Working with Power; Discovering Direction; Getting Things Done Together; and Learning and Lasting. It explains how attending to all 6 areas create the conditions for collaboration to actually get the work done, both inside and outside of meetings. This episode explores how this is done using a conventional hierarchy and then how it looks using two methods of self-organisation beyond hierarchy: more collaborative and agile approaches.

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Nick Osborne


I’m an entrepreneur in the business of shifting paradigms. I catalyse the transition to a way of thinking and living which addresses, rather than contributes to, today’s challenges. My work upgrades the way we learn, collaborate and run our organisations to enable better fit for the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions of the 21st century. Some of the initiatives I am involved in are Consicious Collaboration, Evolving Organisation, and Learning-Edge.



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