Running Out of Future

December 10, 2014

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Watercolor ocean image via shutterstock. Reproduced at with permission.

Welcome back to Radio Ecoshock. Not a week goes by without a new, strange, and dangerous threat emerging out of the shadowy future. We start with the biggest under-reported story: unseen by land mammals, the world’s oceans are heating up. That determines the future and the new coastlines for hundreds of years. We’ll talk with Dr. Kevin Trenberth, one of the world’s top climate scientists.

Did you know great rivers of fresh water are travelling around the world, hidden in the consumer products we buy? Environmental journalist Stephen Leahy explains his new book "Your Water Footprint".

Then Rob Aldrich says "yes, there is a growing health crisis in the Western world, and the cause is Nature Deficit Disorder".

Alex Smith

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Tags: climate change, nature deficit disorder, ocean warming, water depletion