Alexandria Shaner

Alexandria Shaner is a sailor, writer, organizer, and teacher. Based in the southern Caribbean, she is a staff member of, an instructor at the School for Social and Cultural Change, and active with the Women’s Rights & Empowerment Network, The Climate Reality Project, and


Confronting DC’s gas problem

From Oct. 24-26, a coalition of ecoactivist groups, including Extinction Rebellion Northeast, Extinction Rebellion DC, or XRDC, Scientist Rebellion, and Climate Defiance, engaged in three days of nonviolent actions against the gas industry in Washington, D.C.

November 14, 2023

XR Zagreb climate march

Frontlines Resistance Against Fossil Fuel Expansion in the Balkans

The Adriatic Climate Camp created a vibrant training program and community that pulled off two major direct actions against the natural gas industry and remains resilient in the face of police brutality.

October 17, 2023

Congolese student protest against fossil fuel extraction

How Congolese Students are Taking on Big Oil

A new campaign is mobilizing communities across the Democratic Republic of Congo to stop the fossil fuel industry’s expansion with creative nonviolent action.

July 21, 2023

forest defender treehouse

Vigils for Tortuguita: Land Defenders Erupt in Solidarity

In Tortuguita’s honor, we will keep creating poetry and art, participating in mutual aid, fighting for abolition, mending, knocking down borders, transitioning, putting our bodies in between the state and its victims, and building radical models of care and community.

January 24, 2023


Solarpunk: Radical Hope

Folks refusing dystopia, repairing and radically re-imagining their lives and communities together, and beginning to enjoy and spread the resulting benefits today as they carve a path towards tomorrow = Solarpunk. That’s what hope looks like.

December 20, 2022


Economic Vision for Everyone

We propose the following set of five features, based on the values of self-management, equity, solidarity, diversity, and sustainability, as a foundational framework for a good economy for all, an economic vision known as participatory economics.

December 13, 2022