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As we work to transition our world, a huge challenge lies in our ability to power the good work necessary to build a better future. We used to live in a world where money was the thing that enabled things to happen. But with dollars becoming more and more scarce, success will only come if we develop a myriad of alternative economies to empower our work.

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The good news is that Transition Lab has figured out all sorts of new ways to create affordable housing, feed our community, and even run a school with a minimum amount of money. (For example, our entire cash budget in 2013 was $8,758.)
Listen to this Telesalon in cooperation with Transition US to learn about the alternative economic models that we’ve proved viable, and how others could replicate them in their own communities. You will not only learn how to create these alternative economies, but how to launch models that could support your local Transition projects indefinitely.
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Russell Evans is the Director of Transition Lab- a living laboratory where the nations most creative young minds gather to build a better future. Transition Lab was also the winner of the MIT CoLab’s Local Solutions Contest for creating the most viable, effective, and replicable way to reduce CO2 emissions.
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