Transition Free Press Issue #1 is here!

February 1, 2013

We are published today! 10,000 copies of our first Spring issue are now being distributed throughout the UK. Do check out your local hub and spread the word. It might just be the best £1 you’ve spent in a long while. If you or your intiative are not near a distributor, you can check out our on-line version:

Transition Free Press

We are hoping other Transition initiatives will also be issuing their local newsletters alongside the paper, and any suggestions for layouts will be happily shared by the TFP crew. Do get in touch with us if you need any. We’ll also be sending out a press release template for initiatives to send to their local and regional media outlets, devised by TFP news editor, Alexis Rowell.

Highlights of this first issue include:

  • Peak Oil R.I.P? by Richard Heinberg
  • Reclaiming the fields by Shaun Chamberlin
  • Will extreme weather bring climate action? by Alexis Rowell
  • Are there livelihoods in Transition? by Fiona Ward

This paper is the sum of gifts from many people. All of them working to create a new world and a new culture. So a big thank you to all our contributors – writers, photographers, illustrators and advertisers – and everyone out there distributing (and reading) us.

The Transition Free Press is written by transitioners from the UK to Japan to Europe and the Americas. It can be read by everyone everywhere. Because although we might live in different worlds, we share one planet. And that planet is changing, fast.

Do have a look at our on-line version and, if you enjoy what you read, please become a Friend of TFP and help the TFP crew continue with Issue 2 that will hopefully be out in May. Our crowd-funding campaign ends on Feburary 14 and would welcome a boost. If you prefer offline donations, please contact Jay Tompt Many thanks!


Charlotte Du Cann

Charlotte Du Cannn writes about mythology, metaphysics and cultural change and teaches collaborative writing. From 2011-12 she founded and edited the Transition Network's Social Reporting Project, based on the community Norwich blog, This Low Carbon Life and went on to found and edit the quarterly newspaper, Transition Free Press. In 2014/5 she collaborated with author Lucy Neal on 'Playing for Time - Making Art as if the World Mattered' (Oberon Books), funded by Arts Council England. She was born in London in 1956 and worked as a fashion and design journalist in London before going on the road (mostly) in the Americas - a journey she charted in '52 Flowers That Shook My World - A Radical Return to Earth' (Two Ravens Press, 2012) and other books. She is currently working forThe Dark Mountain Project and creating a performance and a non-fiction collection about mythos and regeneration in times fo

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