[ The Family, The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty by Kitty Kelly is an exposé on three generations of the Bush family. Kelly, who collaborated with Sharon Bush, once George W. Bush’s sister in-law, makes the allegation that Bush understands that world oil production will soon peak and the implications this has for the world economy – he’s just not letting on. This is mentioned towards the end of the following article which is about the book in general. -AF ]

PLOY TO SELL BOOKS? In a breaking development, Sharon Bush is reported by the Washington Post to have denied telling Kelley about George W. Bush using cocaine at Camp David during his father’s presidency. The Thursday report has not hurt the book’s advance sales on Amazon.com: It is already No. 6 on the Amazon list.

PHOTOS: Cover of book on George Bush Family, due out Sept. 14. Copy of police report on Laura Bush car wreck that killed her high school boyfriend. (see original article).

Kitty Kelley’s expose of the Bush Family is largely attributible to Sharon Bush. The wronged wife of President George’s brother Niel originally planned to write her own post-divorce expose of the Bushes. Later she decided to settle for a collaboration with Kitty Kelley. Publicly she also backed out of the Kelley deal in the midst of divorce-settlement negotiations with the “economical” Bushes. The settlement wasn’t enough to keep up the payments on the Houston mansion, so she opted for a surreptitious collaboration, which she is now denying.


It matters if George Bush has fallen off the wagon. It matters if he is back on cocaine. The hallucinations could start at any time, and the Cruise missiles shortly thereafter, anywhere in the world.


Kitty Kelley, the Lizzie Borden of American letters, after giving 40 whacks to the British royals, Nancy Reagan, and Frank Sinatra, is about to give 41 to old No. 41 (George Bush the Elder, our 41st president) and a couple more to No. 43 and his spouse Laura.
Kelley’s salacious and fantastic revelations about this klan [sic, I know] are palpably true, you will see, and they matter for the following reasons: The secrets of George Bush & Co. lay him wide open to blackmail by foreign governments and agents and evil persons of every description who can take advantage of his above-top-secret security clearance. Bush’s sanity and self-control also matter, for obvious reasons. We won’t disappoint you: we have cataloged some of the more outrageous accusations below.

How can Kitty Kelley prove these things? She has written a book of over 700 pages about the misdoings of the Bushes. If the “devil is in the details,” this is plenty of space in which to convince the open-minded, and even the skeptical, reader. As in a court of law, as the circumstantial evidence and testimony pile higher and higher, reasonable doubt is pushed aside and all that’s left is a logical conclusion. The reasonable reader will be able to render a verdict of guilty as charged. Kitty Kelley books convince in this way, with overwhelming details from a very long list of sources, several sources for each page.

In other cases, there exists documentary evidence. It’s there in black and white, in photos and photocopies. Whom are you going to believe: your lying eyes or Karl Rove?

As Bush’s press secretary Scott McLellan protests how unbelievable this book is, remember that his dad has authored a book that purports to show that Lyndon Johnson assumed the presidency by arranging the murder of John F. Kennedy. Considering the politics of the Texas oilmen, including both George Bushes, that might not be so fantastic, come to think of it.


Some cases Kelley is able to make:

*George Bush has started drinking again. His history includes cocaine use at Camp David, by eyewitness account, which is even more dangerous to the republic. Bush has never admitted this, but Kelley has enough details to be convincing.

*Laura Bush has gotten a free ride from the media, but a covered-up wreck that killed a boy in Texas and past drug use can change that, once Kelley brings out the details.

*Bush associates (as verified on the political site www.salon.com) have noticed his increasingly erratic behavior, including open swearing by a man who wears his religion on his sleeve and all over his wardrobe.

*George Bush now fits the bill on all 13 characteristics on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist. He also is known to have had Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, since childhood.

*George and Laura are on the rocks. He has broken his promise to stay off the sauce. He drug her into his family obligation to acquire power, against her will, and now that has led to a quest for world domination — well beyond the expectations of a middle-class librarian from the smoggy oilfields of Midland, Texas.

*The Bush daughters are out of control. Even while working on his campaign from a suburban Virginia office, they are drinking practically all night long. Secret Service agents are finding them a more difficult assignment than protecting the president.

*Bush’s conservative base, especially the domestic oil interests, are revolting, and not in the way you Liberals think. Texas loyalists who put Dubya and Poppy in high office, like Jimmy Allison, the Hearst of Texas, have been insulted and frozen out, and they are mad as heck. The Texas oil people are not people to be trifled with. They know that ol’ Dubya is betraying them to return to the Bushes’ first loyalty: to the Harriman and Rockefeller families of New York.

*Kitty Kelley has a large number of details that point to an abortion for a Bush girlfriend in the past. Presto! He’s Hypocrite-in-Chief, even to conservatives.

*The Bush campaign has been based on discrediting the military service of John Kerry (even though Bush passed altogether on Vietnam), but his grandfather, Prescott Bush, practically invented fake medals! The family had Prescott’s World War I exploits plastered on the front page of a Columbus, Ohio, newspaper — including a claim that he earned the highest medal from three governments. It had to be retracted when the family admitted Captain Prescott had not even come under fire! Is Kelley’s reporting of “three generations” ancient history? Perhaps, but if the Bush campaign goes back two wars, Kitty might as well go back a few more.

*Kitty Kelley details many people done dirty by the Bushes over many years. There are many axes to grind and many chickens to come home for dinner.

*Government insiders can sink any presidency any day of any year by leaks, disinformation, and sheer power. Dubya’s underlings are ready to pull the plug and jump ship. Colin Powell will not be in the next Bush administration.

*George Bush is being told that the national budget and trade deficits are not sustainable and (by advisor Matt Simmons) that the world is running out of energy. Bush knows when world oil production will peak.. He’s just not telling. As the energy goes, so goes the economy. It won’t be long until “Bushvilles” join the national lexicon alongside “Hoovervilles.” It won’t happen until after the election of 2004 — Bush can manage that.

*George Bush does not handle stress well — lots of details on that. He is becoming as unglued as a cardboard house in a cloudburst.

*Kitty Kelley was paid $4 million to write “The Family.” This is one thing she won’t tell. It is a political hit piece, bought and paid for by Doubleday publishers but underwritten by Bush enemies. They have indemnified Doubleday, though it’s unnecessary since the book will sell a million copies. The Bush-betrayed will see that the word gets out. Over and above all of this, the book is well documented, thorough, and thoroughly convincing.

*George Bush has personally alienated the political head of every country in the world, including Britain’s Tony Blair. All of them hope against hope for his defeat in the election. A big question is how long many of these leaders, especially Vladimir Putin, will keep fronting for Bush.

*The Bush family is basically a crime family, an Anglo version of the Gambinos or the Sopranos, but with the Army for “muscle.” Follow the money, as the research arm of Kitty Kelley & Co. has, and you will see who is pulling Bush’s strings. He is not your president but merely the front man for those padding his bank accounts.

*George Bush and other members of his administration will probably be indicted, if not tried, for crimes for blowing the cover of CIA operative Valerie Plame, wife of Ambassador Joe Wilson. The criminal investigation is under way and it will lead straight to the Oval Office.

“Both George Bushes are beholden to Saudi Arabian interests. They serve these interests while pretending to serve Israeli interests. Do not blame the Zionists for Bush’s actions.


Advance copies of “The Family” have been provided, frankly, by pilfering the text out of the Midwestern printing plant, one signature at a time. Fortunately, the material was delivered to responsible journalists and not to Republican Party operatives.