Zach Dundas


Portland Spaces: Collectively Green

The Bouwes house is part of a wave of forward-thinking building that is redefining Cully, a sleepy and sometimes forgotten northeast Portland neighborhood, as a miniature hotbed of sustainable construction…At the same time, and not coincidentally, Cully is in the grip of a social lifestyle revolution of middle-class, multigenerational families creating a new breed of society. At the moment, that revolution is playing out in the Bouweses’ dining room.

June 3, 2009


What happens when an oil field as big as any in the Middle East is discovered in the desolate border towns of Montana and North Dakota?

April 10, 2008


Attack of the $3 tomato

How Portland’s snooty tastes are saving Oregon farms, luring kids back to the land and even-gasp!-teaching Republicans and Democrats to get along.

August 23, 2005

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