Wayne Roberts

Dr. Wayne Roberts is best-known as the manager of the world-renowned Toronto Food Policy Council from 2000 to 2010. But he did lots before (see his Wikipedia entry) and has done lots since.

Wayne speaks, consults, coaches, tweetslinks inFacebooks, and blogs to promote the macrobiome and people-friendly food policy.

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Four Ways COVID-19 will Change Food Systems and Food Security

However, if people come to a diagnosis that this particular virus arises from a set of agroecological system conditions that will lead to continued outbreaks and disruptions, or if the diagnosis identifies how the infection’s harm is amplified and worsened by factors such as air pollution, then we may start the work of treating the disease.

April 2, 2020

School of Athens

Urban Agriculture is Dead! Cities have One, Two, Three…Many Urban Agricultures!

We betray the Greek origin of western styles of thinking every time we use the singular to discuss the opposite — the sheer abundance and bounty of foods and food choices that modern living and technologies offer.

So, for example, we have city discussions about the need for a city policy on urban agriculture, instead of city discussions about the need for city policies to support various forms of urban agricultures.

January 10, 2020


Tomorrow’s Food Skills

The modern food movement took the shape it retains today during those 15 years from 1995 to 2010. Food movements were among the first to embrace the understanding that knowledge and wisdom  had to move from narrow fields of specialization to comprehensive and open-ended searching.

November 21, 2019

We Need Good Policy on Good Food Policy

Neighborhood groups, business improvement associations, and unions can adopt policy. Universities can adopt policies to buy local and sustainable food. The power of public and para-public purses is more widely available  than ever before. As well, the talents of citizens for self government and leadership are higher than ever before. We need to look ahead to a world of policy partnerships.

November 5, 2019

How do Economics and Food Determine Health Equalities?

If ever there was a pathway to disease, failure to protect the population from saturation advertising of massively adulterated food is one. Even though this abuse testifies to concentrated wealth and power, the authors fail to give such abuse of food functions the recognition it deserves.

March 26, 2019

How to Grow a Local Food Web

In today’s world, we can choose what I’ll call the neo-local choice. For the first time in history, it really is a choice. It’s not imposed by old technologies that offered no alternatives but the food at hand.

March 13, 2019

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