Vivien Sansour

Trained in anthropology, Vivien has worked with farmers worldwide on agricultural independence, and written about and photographed rural life. Her solo show, Terrain: Palestinian Agri-Resistance, rural portraits of agri-Cultural Palestine, was exhibited in The Jerusalem Fund Gallery in Washington, DC (2012). Vivien was a resident artist for Confrontation Through Art (Nicosia, Cyprus) and contributed to the collective exhibit, Where The Sky And The Earth Touch.

Vivien Sansour

The Unseen as Fertile Ground for New Wisdom

The need for imagination right now is more urgent than ever. We stand to either create a new daring world or stay in old paradigms with some minor fixes that give us the illusion of change.

June 18, 2020

Palestine Heirloom Seed Library

The Palestine Heirloom Seed Library and El Beir, Arts and Seeds.

In 2014, I founded the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library. The Library and associated El Beir Arts and Seeds symbolize this core belief: that agriculture is truly comprised of both “agri” (traditional farming practices) + “culture” (the associated lifestyle/livelihood traditions essential to a community’s identity).

January 14, 2019


Tales of Agri-Resistance

There is nothing quite like the smell of the brewing of Arabic coffee prepared on burning olive branches, just pruned during the olive harvest. The smell of heil (cardamom) cooked in coffee, and the aroma of the burning wood, are almost as delicious as the day’s first cup sipped atop the dry limestone walls that separate the terraces of the wadi (valley).

January 4, 2017