Valerie Segrest

VALERIE SEGREST (Muckleshoot) is a nutrition educator who specializes in local and traditional foods. She is co-founder and director of projects at Tahoma Peak Solutions LLC.

Indigenous foodways

Sacred Sustenance

Celebrating Indigenous foodways is significant and offers profound learnings, but it also requires us to confront the barriers and threats that continue to impede us from doing the restoration work we require. Environmental degradation, loss of habitat, and the erosion of our food heritage pose daunting challenges to food access and Indigenous sovereignty.

July 1, 2024

indigenous foodways

Eating at the Old Growth Table

At the Old Growth table, we honor the ingredients as the wisdom keepers they are. And we humbly nod to the Ancestors who have kept our birthrights and lifeways intact.

May 17, 2024


The Many Lives of Water

While we need to consume this sacred water to exist, we must also work hard to repair our relationship with this almighty medicine.

May 31, 2023