Tracy L. Barnett

Tracy L. Barnett is a Mexico-based independent writer focused on the environment, social justice, indigenous rights and travel. She is the founder of The Esperanza Project and author of the upcoming book, Looking for Esperanza: One Woman’s Search for Hope in the Other America.

Sacred Earth: Gathering the voices of the protectors of Amerikua

The different speakers in the Sacred Earth series are deeply active and involved in addressing many of these issues and thus have an important message to share regarding the way that their culture, and indigenous culture in general, play a key role in generating solutions to environmental collapse.

June 16, 2022


Mexican Village Sets International Precedent in Water Conflict Resolution

After nearly 17 years of creative resistance and six visits from the man who is now Mexico’s president – three of them in recent months — the tiny colonial town of Temacapulín has become a model in the resolution of water-related conflicts.

December 9, 2021


The body as territory: The Arhuacos: A message from the Mamos, the prophets of the Sierra Nevada

As Mamo Camilo Izquierdo said, “The destruction of nature produces illness from the diseases that we see today.” The wellness of all beings — including the living water that springs from the earth — is essential for our own well-being.

November 15, 2021

Misak hands

The body as territory: The Misaks: Balance and harmony as medicine

Balance and harmony are so fundamental for the Misak people’s way of life that they are willing to go to the streets to fight for it, if necessary – but always peacefully, and with their face masks firmly in place.

November 12, 2021

Putumayo region of Colombia

The body as territory: The Kamëntšá Biyá: Land use planning in defense of the sacred

In this transmedia series, we will enter three very different emblematic indigenous communities in Colombia through the eyes of three different indigenous reporters — a journalist and two filmmakers— to tell their stories of community resilience.

November 11, 2021

AMLO in Temaca

Mexican President Offers Temaca a Compromise: A Shorter El Zapotillo Dam

Obrador’s touted Fourth Transformation must include a balance between city and countryside, and a movement from the rapidly growing and unsustainable megacities back to the land. And megadams like El Zapotillo must become a thing of the past…

August 27, 2021

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