Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith is a member of the Community Economies Institute and recently founded Nowtopia as a space for multi-media exploration of issues around postcapitalism, degrowth and sustainable economic alternatives. He previously worked as an editor at the Dark Mountain Project, and has written for outlets including OpenDemocracyThe ConversationPermaculture Magazine and  He received his PhD in Geography and Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Orangutan crossing palm oil plantation

Technology, Ecology and the Commons – Huber and Phillips’ barren Marxism

Taken to its logical conclusion, a human-centred global rationality will be imposed and should you – a peasant farmer or indigenous laggard – get in their way, then you should be offered up to the socialist gods, for the greater good. Jump on board, Comrade, the future is waiting.

March 21, 2024

Arrival bookcover

Degrowth, Denis Villeneuve and Alien Languages: A brief response to Eoin McLaughlin

Degrowth has been described even by its proponents as a ‘missile word’ – an idea so shocking and provocative that it is difficult to co-opt (though there are many who try). With the release of yet another poor critique of degrowth, this time authored by Eoin McLaughlin in The Conversation, it is clear that the knee-jerk hostility which faces degrowth is also a problem of understanding amidst uncertainty.

March 19, 2024