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COUNTDOWN: Slowing Population Growth Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth

Alan Weisman answers questions on his new book. Weisman traveled to 21 countries asking politicians, scientists, family planning specialists, doctors, and religious leaders, crucial questions about how we can successfully deal with the size of human population.

January 7, 2014

Richard Heinberg and Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty

What do you know about hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” of natural gas? Probably depends on who you’re listening to.

December 4, 2013


Q&A: Lester Brown, Author – Full Planet, Empty Plates

In his newest book, Full Planet, Empty Plates, Lester Brown writes…"The U.S. Great Drought of 2012 has raised corn prices to the highest level in history. The world price of food, which has already doubled over the last decade, is slated to climb higher, ushering in a new wave of food unrest…."

January 16, 2013


Ralph Nader- The 17 Solutions: Bold Ideas for Our American Future Q&A

 I’ll be talking with Nader about the critical ideas in his wonderful new book, The 17 Solutions: Bold Ideas for Our American Future.

October 25, 2012

System Failure: We are approaching the end of society as we know it — And that may be a good thing

Paul Gilding says it’s time to stop worrying about climate change; global crisis is no longer avoidable. He believes the Great Disruption started in 2008, as spiking food and oil prices signaled the end of Economic Growth 1.0 based on consumption and waste. Coming decades will see loss, suffering and conflict, but he believes the crisis offers us both an unmatched business opportunity as old industries collapse to be replaced by new ones, and a chance to replace our addiction to growth with an ethic of sustainability.

June 22, 2012

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