Tad Montgomery

Tad Montgomery does ecological engineering from the Connecticut River Bioregion.  Areas of endeavor include energy conservation & renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, permaculture design, bioregional organizing, ecological wastewater treatment, biofuels, mycology & mycoremediation, alternative/regenerative economics, and alternative health care.  He co-founded the Valley Dollars program in the Pioneer Valley and is now involved with Brattleboro Time Trade.  In his spare time he plays ultimate, pours waste vegetable oil into his fuel tank, and romps in the woods with small children.  He is currently writing a screenplay loosely based on the life of Edgar Cayce that he hopes will turn the health care industry on its head.

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Local Currencies

The world is on fire lately with the exponential growth of Bitcoin and other electronic cryptocurrencies. While some see these as speculative bubbles that are tied to nothing, used on the dark web to ransom hacked computers, and profligate users of electricity, others see Bitcoin and its ilk as our liberation from nation states and their central banks. Both could be true. Perhaps more important is that the platform underpinning Bitcoin, called blockchain technology, and later advances such as Ethereum, have the potential to completely transform the way that the world operates.

December 14, 2017