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Mexican American farm worker

Slavery Never Ended

Today, the forced labour industry enslaves over 40 million people worldwide, primarily through debt bondage, gig work, trafficking, sex work and child labour.

May 4, 2022

traditional market

We Should All Be Worried About The United Nations Food Systems Summit

As groups mobilize, organize, and demand genuine participation, this false legitimacy driven by actors like the Gates Foundation begins to crumble.

May 12, 2021

Grand Prairie Farmers Market

Local Food Movements Won’t Save the World

If a local food movement is about consumer empowerment, isolating from the complexity of global forces of injustice, increasing buying choices, or unchecked nostalgia and romanticization, then it is just another space where whiteness is prioritized and reproduced, and it cannot, in good faith, be conflated with ethicality or justice.

February 8, 2021