Sophie Yeo

Clean energy: The Challenge of Achieving a ‘Just Transition’ for Workers

But while measures to curb emissions and reduce the impacts of rising temperatures will be good for the many, the few who work in industries affected by climate policies risk losing their livelihoods as the economy leans increasingly upon renewable energy.

February 7, 2017

Solar Panels have been Benefitting the Climate ‘since 2011’

In 2011, solar power reached a tipping point. This was the year when the solar industry had saved more greenhouse gases than it emitted.

December 8, 2016

COP22: Key Outcomes Agreed at the UN Climate Talks in Marrakech

The refrain of the conference soon became that the Paris Agreement, sealed last year, was bigger than any one country, or any particular head of state. The next four years will prove whether this is true.

November 23, 2016

Climate Finance: The Challenge of ‘Shifting the Trillions’

The money used to tackle climate change — “climate finance” — comes in many guises, which means that measuring it is a mammoth and complex task.

November 15, 2016


Anthropocene: The journey to a new geological epoch

Over the last century, humans have littered the oceans with plastic, pumped CO2 into the air and raked fertilisers across the land. The impact of our species is so severe and so enduring that the current geological time period could soon be declared the “Anthropocene”.

October 7, 2016

How Can Fossil Fuel Supplies Be Constrained?

Academics gathered in Oxford this week to discuss how to constrain fossil fuel supply as part of efforts to tackle climate change.

September 29, 2016

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