Sonja Hennen

Sonja Hennen is a master’s candidate in International Economics at HWR Berlin and currently writes her thesis on concepts of justice in the degrowth debate. She also works for an NGO dedicated to facilitating a more sustainable food system and enhancing climate justice.

GDP growth

The case for abandoning GDP – An intersectional perspective Pt. 2

However, deciding that we need to let go of GDP can only be the first step. More importantly, we are in need of answers to the question of what to measure if not GDP, and what to strive for if not economic growth.

April 1, 2021

World economic growth

The case for abandoning GDP – an intersectional perspective Pt. 1

In order to overcome social and environmental injustices, we have no choice but to abandon the naturalized and structuralized notions that equate GDP growth with social progress and sincerely aim to conceive of alternatives.

February 18, 2021