Simone Cicero

I’m an (Italian) blogger, strategist and speaker. I love Open, Free, P2P culture and digital Freedom. I research the open and cooperative alternative to Product Design, Community Building and Value Creation. As a consultant, I advise several established companies and startups on how to nurture innovation in contexts and manage the flow of creation. I run workshops, co-design jams and I give talks about how to deal with change and adapt your strategy to the many revolutions that are going on. On Twitter, I’m @meedabyte. Founder of @hopentt and Rome Connector at @ouishare.

Why open governance and scalable leadership matter

We must look into the creation of new management and governance models that are more horizontal, informal and cooperative.

July 24, 2013


How a gift economy powers education in rural Nepal

In recent months, I have worked a lot with currencies, as I’m involved with Dropis, a team of developers, researchers, and designers dedicated to creating a currency for the sharing economy. So, when I came across “Love is our Currency,” a TEDx talk by Manjil Rana, cofounder and president of Maya Universe Academy, my curiosity was piqued…

January 18, 2013

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