Sarah Aziza

Sarah Aziza is an Arab-American writer, graduate student and activist based in NYC. She has previously worked among refugee populations in North Africa, Jordan and the West Bank. Her areas of focus include immigration, human rights, international politics, feminism and mental health. She is a lover of the story-less-told. Find her on Twitter @SarahAziza1 or

Worker Cooperatives Offer Real Alternatives to Trump’s Retrograde Economic Vision

In dozens of cities, worker-owner cooperatives are establishing new enterprises based on joint decision-making, dignified work conditions and fair pay. Utilizing their existing skills and harnessing new ones, these groups are leveraging their labor on their own terms, with a vision to change their industries and the economic landscape. And in this rising movement, people of color, immigrants and women are leading the way.

February 2, 2018

Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline Sweep the Nation

November 15 was a momentous day for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and its allies in the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, or DAPL.

November 17, 2016

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