Sanaa Alimia

Dr. Sanaa Alimia is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Aga Khan University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations in London. She is the author of Refugee Cities: Afghans in Urban Pakistan, which was published in 2022 by the University of Pennsylvania Press.

Her research interests are Afghanistan, Pakistan, geopolitics, surveillance, migration and cities. She is a former research fellow of the Leibniz Center Moderner Orient (2014-2019) and a former fellow of the Dahlem Research School Fellowship at the Free University of Berlin. She lives between Berlin and London.

Pakistan floods

After the deluge

Thirty-three million people have been affected by the floods in Pakistan. The disaster has left more than 1,700 dead, displaced millions and put one-third of the country under water.

January 27, 2023