Sally Odland

Randy Udall – a comet passes

We knew Randy primarily through his crusade to bring honest discussion of America’s energy predicament into public dialog and policy. He co-founded the US chapter of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil in 2005 and spearheaded five highly touted and provocative energy conferences, creating for a few years the ultimate big tent for international energy thinkers.

July 12, 2013

Gleanings from Fatih Birol’s presentation of the WEO 2008 to the Council on Foreign Relations

Dr. Birol said, “If you read the report carefully, or run a word search on it, you will see that two words occur more frequently than any others. The first word is “oil”. The second word is “if”.” This got a rumbling chuckle from the audience. But no one publicly connected the dots that in order for the IEA’s supply projections to work out, ALL of the non-trivial IFs mentioned in his talk must materialize.

December 9, 2008

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