Rosa Zubizarreta

Rosa Zubizarreta is a consultant, author, and Ph.D. candidate at Fielding Graduate University. She is the author of From Conflict to Creative Collaboration: A Manual for Dynamic Facilitation, and leads workshops internationally on helping groups work on complex issues. Rosa collaborated with Tom Atlee on The Tao of Democracy, which fueled her interest in democratic innovations. In addition to academic and professional work in organization development, her background includes a Master’s degree in multicultural education, work with constructivist approaches to social-emotional learning, and a Master of Social Work and clinical experience in community mental health. As an activist, she has worked on indigenous rights and environmental issues.


Democracy Rising 24: Scaling Deliberation—Austrian Citizens’ Councils

Citizens’ Councils can also be part of a broader range of processes used within a given region to support a larger “deliberative system.”

August 15, 2022

Eseap conference in a circle

Democracy Rising 10: Facilitating Democratic Conversations, Part 2

Whether we ourselves want to develop these skills, or support others to do so, to ensure a resilient future we need to grow more community members with effective group facilitation skills and mindsets.

February 14, 2022


Democracy Rising 9: Facilitating Democratic Conversations, Part 1

What forms of self-governance will enhance our efforts to create resilient local communities?

February 3, 2022