Philippe Gauthier

Philippe Gauthier is a a science journalist, translator and activist in Québec’s degrowth movement. His article in this issue is based on a talk delivered at the Great Transition conference in Montréal on May 20, 2018. He maintains a blog (in French) on energy and the environment:


Material challenges of bicycle manufacturing in a post-growth world

The idea of a world based on active transport, and on cycling in particular, is a recurring theme in thinking on degrowth.

February 9, 2021


Comparative impact of nuclear and renewables on CO2 emissions

Countries which are heavily invested in nuclear energy remain higher CO2 emitters, on average, than countries which have invested at the same level in renewable energy. This is the main finding of a study recently published in the journal Nature Energy.

October 9, 2020

Oil well

Shutting Down Oil Wells, a Risky and Expensive Option

Activists will welcome this fall in fossil fuels production, but we must bear in mind that a low intensity energy crisis could also hamper our ability to carry out an efficient energy transition.

May 28, 2020

US oil exploration

US Oil Exploration Drops by 95 Percent

What is less known, however, is that spending on oil exploration is fast dropping in the United States. Exploratory drilling has been decreasing year after year and now stands at only five percent of its 1981 peak.

May 3, 2019


The Inescapably Slow Deployment of Energy Technologies

Can technological progress save us from ecological destruction? If some new clean form of energy was discovered tomorrow, could it be deployed quickly enough to decarbonize the world by 2050?

February 27, 2019

Green New Deal

The Meaning of the Green New Deal

Before discussing the content of the Green New Deal, and in particular the environmental measures it proposes, it is important to understand the aims of the document, which is primarily a political manifesto.

February 15, 2019

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