Philip Loring

Philip Loring is a human ecologist at the University of Guelph and author of the award-winning book, Finding Our Niche. His research explores the potential for radical transformations in food systems.

Sims Hill Shared Harvest

Climate-friendly food systems start with different values, not technologies

If we start instead by attending to aspirational values — such as equity, empowerment, and respect and reciprocity with the natural world — we will better see the long-term transformative potential of solutions we already have in hand to build food systems that are more sustainable, regenerative and just.

December 14, 2023

northern pike

What does “wild and pristine” really mean?

Governments around the world, in the name of conservation, continue to displace large numbers of Indigenous peoples from their traditional territories in the name of a more “enlightened” vision for the land.

January 6, 2021

Quecha woman and child

Science Denialism is Dangerous. But So is Science Imperialism.

Calls for strict science-based decision making on complex issues like GMOs and geoengineering can shortchange consideration of ethics and social impacts.

July 13, 2018