Peter Speetjens

Peter Speetjens is a Dutch journalist. Following his law studies in Rotterdam, he spent some 20 years in the Middle East and India, before moving to Brazil in 2016. Based in São Paolo he mainly writes about politics and the environment. His work has appeared in numerous Dutch and English language publications, including MO Magazine, Middle East Eye, Trouw, NRC and De Groene Amsterdammer. He has a soft spot for history, loves photography and in 2004 coauthored the documentary 2000 Terrorists.

Dakota pipeline protest

Environmental protesters under attack and often treated as terrorists: Interview with Michael Forst

The repression that environmental activists using peaceful civil disobedience are facing in Europe is a major threat to democracy and human rights, according to U.N. special rapporteur Michel Forst.

July 11, 2024

Anna Roosevelt looking at imagery at the Painted Rock Cave near Monte Alegre dating back to 11,000 BCE. Image courtesy of Anna Roosevelt.

A short walk through Amazon time: Interview with archaeologist Anna Roosevelt

From an ecological point of view, the significance of the [archaeological] sequence is that the Amazonians have always very much managed the rainforest and rivers.

April 12, 2024