Pamela McGill

Pamela McGill is a Glaswegian physicist turned psychologist turned leadership advisor and coach, mother, founder, life-long learner, global citizen and stubborn optimist.

With twenty years of experience in leadership, change and learning, she brings good humour, adaptability and a spirit of possibility. She has had the privilege of coaching hundreds of leaders, individually and within teams, and of working with investors, businesses, non-profits and public sector institutions in the UK, Tanzania, India, Vietnam, Bosnia and the US.

With an unusual, broad, global background, she has an eclectic network with precisely the talents and opportunity to effect real change.

She founded RE ( ) Leadership, an independent, mission-led leadership advisory firm in 2023. When not writing and working with leaders, she is leading a renewably-powered community heat project for her rural village in England.


Community-powered change

By aligning within and across communities, we will amplify our impact and create an unstoppable force for good. While we transition, our communities will provide insulation from shocks and harms along the way.

June 11, 2024