Nicolas Haeringer

Nicolas Haeringer is working at, where he coordinates partners engagement and works on global mobilizations. Based in France, he’s been involved in the global and climate justice movements for the last 20 years and has written on strategies for social transformation for two decades.


Feeling at odds with Just Stop Oil’s tomato soup protest? That’s the point

This action is designed to be destabilizing. It is meant to hit us and to challenge us: What are we ready to do, what are we eager to give up, or even to sacrifice to try to save what can still be saved?

October 21, 2022

Darfur refugee camp

We must turn solidarity with Ukraine into the new normal for all refugees

Decisions to support the Ukrainian people and target Russian interests show that anyone saying “there’s no alternative,” “we can’t welcome all refugees,” “we can’t tax billionaires because it’s too complex” or “it’s not possible to divest from fossil fuels” is actually lying, for the sake of defending their own personal interests.

April 6, 2022