Nick King

Nick King is a chartered earth and environmental scientist working primarily in professional consulting and the energy industry. He has worked with the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University since 2018 on subject areas including energy and global risk and is also affiliated with the Schumacher Institute think tank. He has also presented and written opinion pieces about a number of environmental and systems thinking topics.

Onkalo nuclear waste storage facility in Finland

Nuclear Waste and the Polycrisis

The unique risk profile of nuclear wastes has therefore in recent decades compelled governments and other authorities to seek a remedial strategy which is commensurate with the challenge whilst also being effective,

February 20, 2024

solar panel on house

What Energy Paradigm Might Underpin Degrowth and Steady State Economies?

Despite the increasing depth and granularity of non-growth economic model research, one aspect is currently relatively under-represented in these efforts, namely the nature of the energy paradigm that could underpin societies operating in this form. 

February 6, 2024