Nathan Ellis

I have a MA in Geography and my expertise focuses on critical geopolitics and climate change security. I have taught undergraduate courses at the University of Kansas in the topics of Environmental Policy, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Political Geography, and Environmental Geopolitics.

My bachelor’s is in Environmental Studies, and I have studied environmental issues under several leading scholars in the environmental field (IPCC, NOAA). I am Permaculture design certified, and served as an apprentice of Steve Moring, founder of the Kansas Permaculture Institute and the Kansas Permaculture Collaborative.

I also have advanced primitive/wilderness skills under the instruction of Bo Brown ( who served as an instructor under John McPherson ( during some of the United States Special Forces workshops (SERE instructors). Furthermore, I experienced the unique opportunity to study graduate level Environmental Geopolitics with 28 active duty Special Forces Officers which provided for some very interesting insights into environmental discourse and practice.


Climate Security: Beyond the Binary of Denial or Doomsday

The geopolitics of climate change, and more specifically, climate security, has become attached to some very destructive modes of thought. Of particular interest are the ways in which the work of Thomas Malthus has become attached to the meaning of climate change.

February 23, 2021