Nadine Bloch

Nadine Bloch is the Training Director for Beautiful Trouble. As an innovative artist, nonviolent action practitioner, political organizer, direct-action trainer, and puppetista, she combines the principles and strategies of people power with creative use of the arts in cultural resistance and public protest. She is a contributor to the books “Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution,” “Beautiful Rising: Creative Resistance from the Global South” and “We Are Many, Reflections on Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation.” She is the author of a Special Report Education & Training in Nonviolent Resistance and the co-author of SNAP:An Action Guide to Synergizing Nonviolent Action and Peacebuilding.

Art as Activism

How artistic activism can move us toward a better future

Thanks to the Steves, you’ll graduate with a solid handle on the process, principles, history and practice of artistic activism and how this can move us towards a better (utopian!) future.

February 23, 2022

Black Lives Matter mural

From Fringe Idea to Law of the Land — a Look Inside the Creativity Fueling the Struggle to Defund the police

“Defund the Police!” has moved from fringe idea to nearly law of the land so fast, pundits have motion sickness. It shows what can happen when progressive ideas are backed by true people power in a kind of “People’s Shock Doctrine.”

June 17, 2020