McKenna Hayes

McKenna Hayes is the Content Manager at Food Tank.  McKenna is the Content Manager for Food Tank. She holds an M.A. in Food and Agricultural Law and Policy from Vermont Law School and a B.S. in Public Communications from the University of Vermont. She currently resides in Burlington, Vermont and enjoys yoga, snowboarding, hiking, and swimming in her free time.

Julie Kunen Discusses the Food Revolution in the Amazon

Julie Kunen, PhD, oversees conservation activities in 15 countries, from Canada to Tierra del Fuego, as the Vice President of the Americas program for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). With a decades-long career in conservation, academia, and development, she is committed to uniting the worlds of food, sustainability, and conservation.

November 21, 2017

Realize that We are the Change: Harlem Grown

Hillery founded Harlem Grown to address the health and academic challenges facing public elementary school students in Harlem. In 2011, he began volunteering at a local elementary school and witnessed first-hand the lack of resources allocated to the schools and the poor nutrition of students. He transformed an abandoned garden, essentially a junkyard, into a thriving community garden.

August 30, 2017