May Wheeler

May grew up on the Isle of Wight where she saw climate change significantly affect her local environment and community. She has since explored different paths to sustainable food production, working on farms in Thailand and Portugal and on resilience projects with environmental Think Tanks. Since graduating from her degree in Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Bristol, May has developed a keen interest in the relationship between social justice and the environment.

May joined the SFT in 2020, and has moved from Communications to Projects and Campaigns where she continues to support internal and external communications, as well as event planning and research.

Cleaning olvies

Forced farm labour: Exposing the hidden cost

On a basic level, the health, skills and number of workers affect the efficiency and functioning of the farm – a strong, healthy and skilled workforce is more likely to be resilient to the day-to-day challenges of farm life and especially new ones arising with climate change. 

June 22, 2021

Global Farm Metric

5 things you need to know about measuring sustainability

For the last four years, The SFT has been working on the Global Farm Metric (GFM) – a harmonised measure of sustainability that has the potential to unite food system stakeholders, such as farmers, retailers and banks across the globe and re-situate agriculture as a solution to climate change, biodiversity loss and declining public health.

April 27, 2021