Marula Tsagkari

Marula Tsagkari is a PhD candidate in Energy Policy & Economics at the  University of Barcelona.

Golden Book Gown

Rethinking Fashion: A Confession of a Degrowth Advocate

So, why should we give up all this and leave in a world full of boring, grimy and sad clothes (even if it is a degrowth world). On the contrary, what I envision is a degrowth world based on simple aesthetics wehre people find a way of expression and creativity through their clothes and they are not judged for it.

November 26, 2019

degrowth graffiti

Why Degrowth is the Only Responsible Way Forward

To sustain the natural basis of our life, we must slow down. We have to reduce the amount of extraction, pollution, and waste throughout our economy. This implies less production, less consumption, and probably also less work.

September 23, 2019