Mark Kernan

Mark Kernan has written for Open Democracy and on climate change. He lectures and researches on climate change and human rights in adult education at University College Cork.

Valdez trash pile

21st century crimes against nature: ecocide as international law

Just as genocide has become the norm in international law, it is time to make war on nature a prosecutable crime also.

March 26, 2021

Myth and Dystopia in the Anthropocene

I thought of Jung’s pre-World War One visions when I read of the stirring of the sleeping ice giants of East Antarctica earlier this year. According to recent research, one of those glaciers—the Totten (larger than the state of California)—is moving slowly towards the Southern Ocean as a result of global warming, with the potential  to raise sea levels by 3.5 metres in future decades.

December 6, 2017