Marie-Lise Breure-Montagne

As her family name suggests, Marie-Lise was born and raised in a mountainous and harsh region: France’s Massif-Central (Auvergne). She studied agronomy and ag-economics in the south of France (Sup Agro – Montpellier). She has spent the last two decades working on territorialized public policies (environment, ecological and climate transition, youthness, solidarity, rurality, …), as project manager in local authorities, and as a trainer. Good preparation for the objectives of phase 2 of the Rural Resilience project, focusing in particular on multi-tiered rural policies.

She is based in Ile-de-France, close to Paris. This geographical location will allow her to continue networking in France, while opening the reflections and actions previously undertaken in the “Nos Campagnes en Résilience” project to another major European agricultural country, with her colleagues at ARC2020.


Rural Resilience | Diary from the Ground – Autumn 2023

Because food is much more than a stomach to be filled, actions on the ground in France are focusing on the social barriers to local, healthy food for all.

November 8, 2023

French farm land

Access to Land: Looking to Europe to Secure Local Farmland? Part 1

It is impossible to focus on the re-territorialisation of food systems without looking at how urban communities access agricultural land in rural areas.

October 5, 2023


Ernährungsrat: The democratic potential of Food Policy Councils in Germany

There is one sole EU Green Deal, but many ways to democratise local food policy. In part 1 of this analysis, we dissected the financial shortcomings of France’s Territorial Food Programmes (PAT). In part 2, we look to Germany and the democratic potential of Food Policy Councils (Ernährungsrat).

August 14, 2023

Fresh vegetables

France | Democratising Food Policy – Tweaking The Financial Toolbox

In bottom-up movements towards a more socio-ecological countryside, food is a key driver of territorial dynamics. This was a finding of our research on the ground in phase 1 of the Rural Resilience project. In phase 2, we ask how a top-down tool such as France’s Territorial Food Programmes can help to democratise local food policy.

August 7, 2023