Marcin Gerwin

Marcin Gerwin, PhD –  is a specialist in deliberative democracy and sustainability. A political science graduate, the topic of his doctoral dissertation focused on sustainable development in the context of global challenges. He designs democratic processes and runs citizens’ assemblies. He is an author of “Citizens’ Assemblies: Guide to democracy that works”, as well as “A Constitution Created by the Citizens” and a co-author of “Rivendell Model”. Apart from democracy-related issues, he gives self-care and flow workshops.


Deliberative Democracy: The Waldenia Model

The purpose of this text is to give a brief and accessible overview of how deliberative democracy can work at its full potential. This requires a specific formula, a way of designing a democratic system, which in this case is the Waldenia Model. At the heart of this model are citizens’ assemblies.

February 15, 2022

Citizen assemblies

Citizens’ Assemblies (excerpt)

Imagine a group of people of different ages who meet in order to settle some matter important for a city, a country or for the European Union. This group was not selected through elections but by lot. They make decisions from the position of supreme authority which in democracy are ordinary people.

November 22, 2018

All Money Should be Used for Public Good

We have empirical evidence that extreme options never win in this procedure. They always lose.

December 23, 2016


What is an All-Inclusive Government?

When Americans introduced democracy, George Washington was totally opposed to the idea of political parties, to this notion that you split into two and one side shouts abuse at the other.

February 17, 2016


Reconnecting Architects with the Community

The architect should come in a humble way and say: “How can I support the life that is happening here?” This is the only way to be sustainable.

May 15, 2014


Permaculture in the Cities – An Interview with Geoff Lawton

You especially need permaculture in a city. It’s even more beneficial in a city than it is in a rural landscape.

February 19, 2014

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